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2023 Films

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2023 Films

    Ukraine, 1996. 5 months before the moratorium on the death penalty. Two old friends - a police detective and a forensic psychiatrist - are investigating the murder of a colleague whose widow both of them loved when they were young. Immersed in memories of the past, they unconsciously create a fut...


    Questions of identity are bewitchingly explored as South-Korean-born Carl questions the life mapped out for him by his adoptive parents in rural West Denmark.

    Imbued with dignity and grace, Malene Choi’s first feature-length fiction (after her hybrid doc-fiction THE RETURN in 2018) innovatively ...


    What is a female? What is a male? What or who determines whether you are one or the other? Can you be both or neither? And does it even matter? WHO I AM NOT follows two intersex South Africans who were born with bodies that are not typically female or male. Sharon Rose (she/her) is a beauty queen...

  • 20,000 SPECIES OF BEES

    An eight-year-old child struggles with the fact that people keep addressing her in confusing ways. During a summer at her grand aunt’s among the beehives, her life and her mother's will change forever.

    Directed by: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

    Written by: Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

    Produced ...

  • 27

    Alice is 27 years old today. Even though she is suffocating a bit, she still lives with her parents and tends to live in her dreams to escape her dreary everyday life. After a psychedelic party on a factory roof, she has a serious drunken bike accident. Will this give her the courage to become an...


    Lina and Inès do not know each other. From roof to roof, from low wall to fence, the two
    teenagers observe each other from a distance, enjoy each other, try to get closer. But,
    because they do not wish to be seen, they are constantly interrupted.

    Directed by: Lauriane Lagarde

    Written by: Lauria...


    Mary is 11 years old and has an insuppressible passion for cooking: she dreams of becoming a great chef.
    Her grandmother Emer, with whom she has a very special relationship, encourages her to make this dream come true. But every path has its pesky obstacles, and facing them turns into quite an a...


    A troublesome new set of orthodontics is just one of the factors that provoke a midair crisis for a flight attendant.

    Directed by: Thanasis Neofotistos

    Written by: Thanasis Neofotistos, Grigoris Skarakis

    Produced by: Ioanna Bolomyti, Dimitris Tsakaleas

    Cinematography: Giannis Fotou

    Editing: ...


    Under the hot Greek sun, the animateurs at an all-inclusive island resort prepare for the busy touristic season. Kalia is the leader of the pack. Paper decors, glossy costumes and dance shows fill the stage. As summer intensifies and the work pressure builds up, their nights become violent and Ka...


    When Danish filmmaker Lea Glob first met Apolonia Sokol in 2009, she appeared to be leading a storybook life.

    The talented Apolonia was born in an underground theatre in Paris and grew up in an artist community — the ultimate bohemian life. In her 20s, she studied at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, one...


    On board a ferry, a series of passengers cross a river from one riverbank to the other.
    Some of the travelers wrap themselves in silence and observe the unfamiliar fellow travelers or contemplate the scenery. Some others chat, perhaps to liven up the voyage and speed up time.
    The journey on the...


    Under the burning sun, a solitary bull awaits tireless, whilst a man jumps deep into the darkest waters of his persona, in their common attempt to defeat death.

    In this silent visual poem, the massive body of a bull appears on the table of a meticulous taxidermist, having died in the hot sun in ...


    A middle-aged fisherman living on Greece's northern border, who is drowning in debt, starts to smuggle migrants across the border lake, in exchange for a hefty fee. His wife, a housewife and devout churchgoer, is seeking the truth in God's Word, while their daughter tries to define her own life w...


    Romania in the late 1970s. Zahra and Maria form a close bond while studying medicine together at university in the capital Bucharest. But when Iranian Zahra senses a wind of change from her homeland, she quits university and returns to Tehran full of revolutionary aspirations. Separated by both t...


    Etero, a 48-year-old woman living in a small village in Georgia, never wanted a husband. She cherishes her freedom as much as her cakes. But her choice to live alone is the cause of much gossip among her fellow villagers. Unexpectedly, she finds herself passionately falling for a man, and is sudd...


    When a retired, recently widowed teacher falls prey to a phone scam, she’s left robbed of her life savings and without any money for her late husband’s grave.
    Her life turns upside down when she realises that there’s no way of gaining her money back, up until she receives an alluring, yet suspic...


    Rita belongs to a women's choir which is in danger of breaking up because they’ve lost the municipal subsidy that allowed them renting their rehearsal room. Now the group has to decide whether or not to accept sponsorship by one of the companies causing the most pollution in the valley.



    Driven by their desire for light and warmth, British teenagers take a trip to the Balearic Islands. They must absorb the sun and store it in their bodies to take it back to their cloud-covered kingdom.

    Directed by: Christian Avilés

    Written by: Christian Avilés

    Produced by: Nica Fazio



    Part One: We follow Angela, an overworked production assistant who must drive around the city of Bucharest in order to film the casting for a “safety at work” video commissioned by a multinational company, ostensibly to raise awareness among its own employees on the various dangers that lead to w...


    Jules’ life and career as a drag queen is destroyed by a homophobic attack. But when he re-encounters his attacker, the deeply-closeted Preston, in a gay sauna, he is presented with a chance to exact revenge. Unrecognisable out of his wig and make-up, Jules infiltrates Preston’s life and, in doin...


    In the Colombian Caribbean, a group of queer activists practice a militancy that challenges heteropatriarchal norms while engaging in other causes to collectively fight against the various social injustices that plague the region. When the management of the country's largest coal mine announces a...


    HARDLY WORKING sheds a limelight on the very characters that normally remain in the background of video games: NPCs. They are non-player characters that populate the digital world as extras to create the appearance of normality. A laundress, a stable boy, a street sweeper and a carpenter are obse...


    As the tensions and frustrations of life in a community house start to close in on him, a young man with Down Syndrome realises he may have to cross a line to end a nightly disturbance.

    Directed by: Aisling Byrne

    Written by: Aisling Byrne

    Produced by: Killian Coyle

    Cinematography: Kilian Wate...


    15-year-old Holly calls her school to say she is staying home for the day. Soon after, a fire breaks out at the school, killing several students. With everyone touched by the tragedy, the community comes together, trying to heal. Anna, a teacher, intrigued by Holly and her strange premonition, in...