2017 Films

2017 Films

The 30th European Film Awards, celebrated - as every second year - in Berlin, saw a big Swedish success with THE SQUARE (Sweden, Germany, France, Denmark) taking home six of the awards: European Film as well as Comedy, Director and Screenwriter for Ruben Östlund, Actor for Claes Bang and Production Designer for Josefin Åsberg.

European Actress went to the Hungarian actress Alexandra Borbély in ON BODY AND SOUL by Ildikó Enyedi while LADY MACBETH by British director William Oldroyd won European Discovery - Prix FIPRESCI. LOVING VINCENT (Poland, UK) by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman won European Animated Feature Film and COMMUNION (Poland) by Anna Zamecka won European Documentary.

Other awards went to LOVELESS (Michail Krichman, Cinematograper and Evgueni & Sacha Galperine, Composers), 120 BEATS PER MINUTE (Robin Campillo, Editor), SPOOR (Katarzyna Lewińska, Costume Designer) and A MONSTER CALLS (Oriol Tarragó, Sound Designer).

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2017 Films

    In A CIAMBRA, a small Romani community in Calabria, Pio Amato is desperate to grow up fast. At 14, he drinks, smokes and is one of the few to easily slide between the region’s factions - the local Italians, the African refugees and his fellow Romani. Pio follows his older brother Cosimo everywhe...


    In post-war Poland, renowned painter Wladyslaw Strzemiński works as a professor at the National School of Fine Arts in Łódź. A great artist and co-creator of the theory of Unism, Strzemiński became famous before the Second World War. His students still treat him like the “messiah of modern painti...


    April 1942. The war seems far away in the small Swiss town of Payerne. Yet the local economy is weak, people are malcontent. The cafes are full of sinister characters.
    Garage owner Fernand Ischi and his men have sworn fealty to the Nazi Party. They dream of catching Adolf Hitler’s attention.


    12-year-old Conor O’Malley (Lewis MacDougall) is about to escape into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales. He is dealing with his mother’s (Felicity Jones) illness, which has necessitated Conor’s spending time with his less-than-sympathetic grandmother (Sigourney Weaver). His daily ex...


    Toma meets Ana while they are both studying literature at university. Ana has a mild neurotic disorder and suffers from panic attacks. Toma follows her to every dark corner she ends up in, he fights his parents when they reject her, he accepts being a father and marries her, he becomes her babysi...


    A collision with a sheep on a country road initiates a whole series of weird and unsettling experiences for Anna and Nick which ultimately leave them both incapable of being certain exactly where they are: in the real world, in their own imaginations – or in someone else’s imagination.



    There are places in Europe that have remained as painful memories of the past - factories where humans were turned into ash. 
    These places are now memorial sites that are open to the public and receive thousands of tourists every year.
    The film’s title refers to the eponymous novel written by W.G...


    How could two kids, unwanted by their parents, survive in this big world? Is growing up a way-out or is it only a beginning in a world with so many cruel faces? Do the walls of an orphanage that hide all those children inside help create a prison for them or do they protect them from that dark an...


    Isabelle, Parisian artist, divorced mother, is looking for love, true love at last.

    Direction: Claire Denis

    Script: Claire Denis, Christine Angot

    Production: Olivier Delbosc, Virginie Lacaze

    Cinematography: Agnes Godard

    Editing: Guy Lecorne

    Production Design: Arnaud De Moleron

    Costume Desi...


    A triumphant epic of survival set in the searing wilds of the Badlands, the menacing inferno of the old American West.

    A tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving cruelty of a hell on earth.

    Our heroine is Liz, carved from the beautiful wilderness, full of heart and grit...


    When adults are ineffectual, children have to grow up quickly. Ola is 14 and she takes care of her father, autistic brother and a mother who lives separately; but most of all she tries to reunite the family. She lives in the hope of bringing her mother back home. Her 13 year old brother Nikodem’s...


    This is the story of Copa-Loca, an abandoned Greek summer resort. Paulina is the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares about everyone – in every possible way.

    Direction: Christos Massalas

    Script: Christos Massalas

    Production: Christos Massalas

    Cinematography: Ko...


    A documentary thriller about land grabbing and the global rush for farmland - the new green gold!

    Around the globe, there is a massive commercial rush for farmland – the new green gold. One of the most profitable new spots for farming is Ethiopia. Hoping for export revenues, the Ethiopian gove...


    At the beginning of the 20th Century Egon Schiele is one of the most provocative artists in Vienna. His life and work are driven by beautiful women and an era that is coming to an end. Two women will have a lasting impact on him – his sister and first muse Gerti, and 17 year old Wally, arguably S...


    In Buenos Aires, the Molina family lives and works in the shadows of the legendary Boca Juniors stadium. Selling fake tickets to the soccer games, they constantly get in conflict with the corrupt police. As her family sinks deeper into this underworld, the mother tries in vain to keep them all fr...


    Based on the 1998 book by the acclaimed British author and illustrator, the beautifully hand-drawn, animated feature film tells the true story of Raymond’s parents – Ethel and Ernest - two ordinary Londoners living through a period of extraordinary events and immense social change.



    EPIC BEACH FIGHT!! This is what happens when you yell sieg heil and call someone's wife a whore. He had it coming.

    Direction: Simon Vahlne

    Script: Simon Vahlne

    Production: Axel Danielson, Ellen Hallin, Axel Danielson

    Cinematography: Maximilien Van Aertryck

    Editing: Simon Vahlne, Axel Daniels...


    In a small German town after Work War 1, Anna mourns daily at the grave of her fiancé Frantz, killed in battle in France. One day a young Frenchman, Adrien, also lays flowers at the grave. His presence so soon after the German defeat ignites passions

    Direction: François Ozon

    Script: François Oz...


    Rokas and Inga, a couple of young Lithuanians, volunteer to drive a cargo van of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. When plans change and they find themselves left to their own devices, they cross the vast snowy lands of the Donbass region in search of allies and shelter, drifting into the lives of tho...


    In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly with dementia, while trafficking their ID cards on the identity black market. At home, she provides for her jobless mother, with whom she hardly speaks. Her relationship with her car-mechanic boyfriend is no shelter for love either - with s...



    A remote fishing village in Iceland. Teenage boys Thor and Christian experience a turbulent summer as one tries to win the heart of a girl while the other discovers new feelings toward his best friend. When summer ends and the harsh nature of Iceland takes b...

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    17-year-old Kevin, sentenced for violent behavior, is just let out of prison. To start anew, he moves in with his aunt and her family and begins an apprenticeship at her store. Quickly he adapts to his new home and gets along well with his cousin Sammy, in his last year of high school. Through Sa...


    The film director Coco Schrijber’s brother disappeared a few years ago during a diving trip to Egypt. Was he taken by the sea, or did he die by his own hand? The mystery has never been solved, and the loss of her brother still haunts her and the people he left behind. Fifteen years later, she ret...


    67-year old Hana is the good soul of her family. Every
    week her sons come over with their wives and children for
    their family dinner. It is a family tradition not to be changed.
    Selfless, Hana takes care of the little Ivánek, who is not really
    cherishing his grandma’s help. She also supports her ...