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2014 Films • 22m

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  • SUMMER 2014

    ‘Lato 2014’ (Summer 2014) – animated movie, which depicts pessimistic view of human’s fate. Universal tale of world possessed by evil. The same piece of land in shown multiple times in different scenes. At the beginning there is a bloody battle of swords, axes and spears. Then follows plagues and...


    In the harsh mountainous countryside of Svaneti (Georgia). Happiness is brief and the love of life of the Dina dies. Tradition says she must marry to the first man who offers his hand and leave her child..

    Direction: Mariam Khatchvani

    Script: Mariam Khatchvani

    Production: Vladimer Katcharav...


    A married woman and a single man meet.
    They love, they argue.
    A dog strays between town and country.
    Seasons pass.
    A second film begins…

    Direction: Jean-Luc Godard

    Script: Jean-Luc GODARD

    Production: Brahim Chioua,

    Cinematography: Fabrice ARAGNO

    Editing: Jean-Luc GODARD

    Costume Design: Aude...